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A Fine Send-off for the Freer

Before it closed for renovation, we sent off the Freer last weekend with help from hundreds of guests. As at any good goodbye party, you celebrated and captured the moment in dozens of photos and clips—including a music video. A few of our favorites are below. Did we miss yours? Link to it in the comments!

The Freer is Closed, But the Shows Go On

The Freer Gallery of Art is closed through 2017—but the Sackler remains open and as dynamic as ever.

The Freer Gallery of Art is closed through 2017—but the Sackler remains open and as dynamic as ever.

It’s official: The Freer Gallery of Art has closed for renovation, a project that will extend into 2017. As our director, Julian Raby, told WAMU last week, the “basic bones” of our stunning Italian Renaissance-style building will remain the same, as will the collections. But, “there will be different ideas and different types of ideas in different galleries,” Raby reported, as well as more space, more narratives, and more interaction with you, our audience.

A few of you have weighed in on Facebook about what you’d like to see for the Freer’s future. We encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts there or in the comments below.

In the meantime, the Sackler remains open with a full lineup of exhibitions and events, both in the museum and around town. Our twentieth annual Iranian Film Festival, for example, is being copresented and screened at the National Gallery of Art and AFI Silver Theatre. Head to the Library of Congress for our offsite presentation of the Musicians from Marlboro, and use our Haupt Garden entrance to enjoy upcoming performances here at home.

We’ll keep you updated as the year goes on. Questions? Fire away, and we’ll do our best to answer.

A Year of Freer|Sackler

What captured you at the Freer|Sackler this year? It’s been a whirlwind 365 days packed with exhibitions and events—from Bada Shanren to Tawaraya Sōtatsu, film festivals to stirring musical performances, and the original Peacock Room to Peacock Room REMIX to Asia After Dark: PEACOCKalypse.

As we prepare for the future, take a look back at a few highlights. Thank you for a fantastic 2015, and see you next year!